Prices With 20% Discount For Crypto Deposit

Price for a Week Vip Matches is : 15 euros + (20% Crypto OFF)= 12 euros
Price for Two-Week Vip Matches is : 25 euros + (20% Crypto OFF)= 20 euros
Price for Full Month Vip Matches is : 45 euros + (20% Crypto OFF)= 36 euros
Price for Two-Month Vip Matches is : 80 euros + (20% Crypto OFF)= 64 euros

How to buy a subscription with Crypto?

It is very simple, Our addresses are listed below. After transferring the subscription amount to us, send us your email to activate your subscription

Bitcoin BTC                Wallet Address: bc1q7nqeh4nwmhszlhfkkas3t9mdnne67fn504du4t

Dogecoin DOGE          Wallet Address: D77E9ujJrfFTWSL1sAFA1j6ZVm2wH82Tsv

Tether USDT                Wallet Address (TRC20): TFJmUnxfoighC3Phejr18rEfQDcVregbVh

Binance Coin BNB       Wallet Address: bnb1y4axrkvnu3lc0z6dkh02tjej3segczpxwyh77l

XRP XRP                       Wallet Address: rLAyamXh7axDvr4YACM5ibGG4o1boKrSyP

Litecoin LTC                 Wallet Address: ltc1qa9amdxfnkwzz5le0389ecldzhzz7elg99lvesp

Bitcoin Cash BCH        Wallet Address: qqdw3yt378n48etuer53hrrvruz4xplt0qyrrkajny

VeChain VET                Wallet Address: 0x62c945f4446a4F754fDA2eCc22F80921F65655d5

TRON TRX                     Wallet Address: TFJmUnxfoighC3Phejr18rEfQDcVregbVh

Cardano ADA                Wallet Address: bnb1y4axrkvnu3lc0z6dkh02tjej3segczpxwyh77l

+44 7937 058559


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